Have you ever noticed how lighting a candle makes you feel?  

I love how a scent can relax your mind or bring memories alive.

Don't you?

I wanted to put a face behind the products. I'm Christina, the founder of the Gray Owl Candle Company. I have a healthy obsession with making beautiful, scented home and body products!

I started making soy candles, soaps, lotions and linen sprays over 17 years ago, wow time flies!

It all started with a handmade soy candle I purchased on the boardwalk in Clearwater, Florida. After I burned the soy candle, I fell in love with the clean burn and couldn't believe how the candle liquified! I didn't know of anyone making soy candles in my area, so my adventure began creating my own soy candles! 

We offer soy candles, lotions, soaps and more. Our products are locally sourced, hand poured and creatively packaged!